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Giant’s Causeway, North Ireland

Northern Ireland, home of the Causeway, contained such beauty it is truly hard to describe in words.  Even my photography is a small sampling of what this area of the world has to show.  We spent 2 days in a quaint B&B  in the northern tip of Ireland.  The roads were narrow and quite scary to drive on as most are in Ireland, only they were along the cliffs dropping into the ocean.  As frightening as the roads were, the harrowing experience was well worth seeing all that we did.  I was fortunate the weather actually took a break from dropping all of its rain and opened up to a spectacular sunset while photographing the Giant’s Causeway , seen at the top of the page.   One of the great wonders of the world, its the site of an ancient lava flow into the ocean.  40,000 interlocking Octagon like shaped basalt rock columns were formed the coastline due the interaction of the lava and ocean over 500 million years ago.

The second day I was not quite as lucky with the weather photographing Dunluce Castle which literally dangle on a cliffs edge.  Ignoring the rain, I hiked down the side of the wet and slippery cliffs to capture shots from the rocky beach.  These shots proved to be quite difficult, due to having to constantly wipe my lens off from the rain.  Nevertheless, the stormy weather helped create the dark mood I was able to capture.

In addition to the beautiful scenery in Northern Ireland, sheep dominated this Irish landscape as in most everywhere else in rural Ireland, as you’ll seen represented in my pictures below.  One specific memory that stands out in my mind of these cute wooly creatures, was at night driving in pitch black darkness on our way back to our B&B, all that could be seen were hundreds of erie beady eyes reflected by our car’s headlights of all the sheep who gather on the roads for warmth.  They actually helped me stay on the road in the darkest of places, as our GPS woman with an Irish accent proceeded to get us lost.  Story of my life…

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